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 Security Department is in charge of safety and security in the university, under eight units includes the comprehensive office, public security unit one to six, and the university guard.

    The primary responsibilities of the security department are as follows.

    —Be responsible for propagating the laws and rules and security work around teachers, students and staff; enhancing legal awareness and security awareness around teachers, students and staff; preventing and reducing criminal behaviors in the university.

    —Be responsible for assisting national security institutions and public security institutions to stop insecurity behaviors and collaboratingsuperior public security departments on security tasks for major and important events.

    —Be responsible for dealing with all kinds of insecurity incidents and emergencies in time.

    —Be responsible for mediating security disputes within the university, maintaining public orders in public places in the university and penalizing the personnel who disrupt campus orders in accordance with regulations.

    —Be responsible for checking and carrying out security responsibilities of other departments and taking best measures to ensure security technology safe and to prevent fire prevention, thievery, sabotage and any public insecurity accidents.

    —Be responsible fordrafting and reviewing regulations and working documents on public security.

    —Be responsible for putting forward opinions for some reports or instructions that involve security matters from each department in the university.

    —Undertake the daily work of the university security comprehensive management committee and traffic safety management committee.

    —Be responsible for leading and managing the university guard.

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